Couples Therapy

 If you are wondering if you and your partner should consult a therapist, ask yourself:
1. Do my partner and I enjoy each other most of the time?
2. Can we resolve most conflicts that arise, or accept our differences with grace?
3. Do we treat each other with respect and kindness?
4. Are we able to make decisions jointly?
5. Are we able to express love and affection?
6. Do we feel safe with each other?
7. Is our intimate life satisfying to both of us?

If you were unable to answer yes to the above questions, couples therapy might help. Too many couples wait too long, and by the time they pick up the phone or e-mail a therapist to make an appointment, a great deal of damage has already been done. But whether that sounds like you, or you are responding to concerns early on, couples therapy can help.  

Our work together starts with careful assessment and clarification of your goals for therapy. I do not follow a standardized approach, but instead, tailor our work together to address your concerns as effectively and quickly as possible. After the assessment phase, I work with all areas that need attention, based on a joint process of goal-setting in which you are both involved. Common areas of focus include addressing communication issues, decision-making, handling conflicts, intimacy and sex, work-life boundaries, and parenting. At the end of most sessions, I give suggestions for things to focus on or practice. 

I specialize in working with couples who are dealing with the complexities of self-employment and/or running their own business. I work with both married and unmarried couples, including same-sex couples.